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CoroNet 0001 Frequently Asked Questions

CoroNet 0001 is an initiative devoted to the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game known as Star Wars: The Old Republic. It is the love-child of a group of individuals known as The Followers of Palawa who have devoted themselves to providing the highest standard of immersive quality to the Star Wars: The Old Republic community.


CoroNet 0001 is thus, first and foremost, committed to the development of top quality role-playing experiences on the Jung Ma server; its dedicated and exclusive server. The people of CoroNet 0001 work with you, the population of Jung Ma, to provide relevant and up-to-date information about the brilliant events and activities that you so generously bestow on your community. It is the hope of everyone at CoroNet 0001 that, together with you, Jung Ma would become the finest community in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued efforts to bring the gift of first-rate Star Wars role-playing experiences to our beloved community. We hope you continue to enjoy the CoroNet 0001 website as we do our very best to supply you with the latest and hottest news, as provided by you, the finest Star Wars: The Old Republic community in the galaxy!

May the Force be you.

The following is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) complied for your information. It is highly recommended that you look over the following FAQs before providing us with the events, activities and/or news you are requesting to have published on CoroNet 0001.​

What is CoroNet 0001?

CoroNet 0001 is an initiative within the Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game known as Star Wars: The Old Republic that is committed to the development of top quality role-playing experiences on the Jung Ma server. It takes the form of an in-game newscast that is transmitted from the heights of Coruscant's pristine Senate District. By and large, it is a premium method by which guilds and organizations of the Jung Ma server can promote and support their own unique in-game activities and events. In this way, the Jung Ma community can benefit, to the greatest extent, from its own distinctly player driven content and contributions.

How does CoroNet 0001 benefit me, and/or my guild?  


CoroNet 0001 wishes to provide you and your guild with the highest quality role-playing experience within Star Wars: The Old Republic. We feel that we can accomplish this best by taking on the form of a committed news broadcasting agency that is dedicated to providing you and your guild with the highest quality promotional material for your own unique role playing projects and contributions to the Jung Ma community. Needless to say, our efforts would be in vain without the continued initiatives of dedicated guilds and members like you.

We hope to hear from you soon. Don't hesitate to inform us of all your player driven events and activities. We're excited to announce and share any information and feedback on your own events that took place recently, while looking forward to announcing and promoting your best player driven experiences that are yet to come!  

I'm an Imperial Player and/or guild, can I get a spot on CoroNet 0001?


While CoroNet 0001 does intentionally have a Republic bias, this is done for role-playing purposes only.

​In game, CoroNet 0001 is ​transmitted directly from the heights of Coruscant's pristine Senate District and is run by citizens of the republic. Despite its base of operation, CoroNet 0001 is more than eager to report on any information it has obtained regarding Imperial affairs and concerns. However, in recognition of its Republic bias, all CoroNet 0001 news reports will be consequently and unavoidably seasoned with undue anxiety, fear and suspicion of Imperial affairs.

In short, the direct answer to this question is: Yes! CoroNet 0001 will definately give spots to Imperial players and guilds!  




I'm interested in getting a spot on CoroNet 0001, how do I go about it and what are the guidelines?

First of all, we're excited to know that your interested in getting a spot on CoroNet 0001. Before we say anything else, we'd like to thank you for your interest in contributing to the quality of the Jung ma community.

Informing us is easy. Simply visit the "inform us" page and submit a request using the given form. Be sure to fill out all the boxes. Do your best to provide every piece of relevant information about your unique player driven content, whether it be an event, activity or ongoing project. The more information you give the community, the more effective your spot will be. 

Here are the following guidelines for potential spots:

1. All requests to have a spot on CoroNet0001 must contain player driven content that is purposed, planned and carried out for the Jung Ma Server. Regrettably, CoroNet 0001 does not coordinate with any other server at this time. We ask that you remain respectful of this fact.

2. All spots will be reserved for player driven content that promotes role-playing within the Jung Ma community. While we understand that this goal is possible through both PvE and PvP initiatives, we reserve the right to refuse a spot if it concerns only self-promotion.


3. Material and content we find inappropriate will not receive a spot. This initiative is for the betterment of our shared community. Please do your part when providing quality content to your community. 

4. Since our website is a simple HTML 5 template that was created using, we ask that you remain understanding and respectful of this fact.

 a. You can request to share one video with your spot. It must be hosted by YouTube or Vimeo. Be     sure to include the URL within your request. 

b. You can request to share one sound file with your spot. It must be hosted by Soundcloud. Be sure to include the embedded code within your request.

 c. You can request to share one picture with your spot. Be sure to include the URL within the request.

5. Remember, All requests for a spot should include material that will help CoroNet 0001 place your player driven content (events, activities etc...) into the context of the Star Wars: The Old Republic in-game universe. 

Thank you again for your interest in getting a spot on CoroNet 0001. Together, we'll build the biggest, liveliest and most immersive role-playing community to ever exist to date.  


I just requested a spot on CoroNet 0001, does that mean I'm guaranteed to get one?

Ultimately, our goal is to publish as much of your material as we possibly can! We are working hard to provide the highest quality service to those of you on the Jung Ma server, the very server we cherish and love.

All the same, like many of you, the passion we have for Star Wars: The Old Republic remains something that we do for honest fun and entertainment. Our real life responsibilities obviously come first, and unfortunately take up a significant amount of our time. That being said, the limiting factor to your material being published is based on the quantity we receive and the time we have to publish it.

We apologize in advance if that means your spot doesn't air on CoroNet 0001. Nevertheless, we hope you continue to recognize that we remain a complementary source for the promotion of your player driven content--and not the only source.    


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