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Alpha Company

Guild Highlight

Since the beginning of the galaxy, war has always raged. It began when the first sentient beings rose up against their neighbors, it evolved with the introduction of the lightsaber, and it continues to this day as a fight between good and evil, the Light and the Dark. In these dark times, during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, champions have arisen from the ashes to meet challenges set before them.

However, there are none as brave and courageous as the men and women of Alpha Company, the Republic's elite. Alpha Company is a well organized, disciplined guild based on the Jung Ma server. Comprised almost entirely of Troopers of both advanced classes, Alpha Company prides itself on a drama-free environment, as most of its members have a military background.

Further, the guild is very team-based; fight as one, play as a team. Alpha Company is strongly involved in both world PvP and roleplaying, regularly interacting with the citizens of the Republic, and combating the forces of the Empire. They regularly patrol the desert wastes of Tatooine, the freezing cold of Hoth, and the mountains of Alderaan.

Finally, Alpha Company always stands ready to help its allies in their times of need. Whether it be assisting in daily missions or taking care of that pesky Sith, rest assured that Alpha Company will accomplish the mission, whatever the cost. War continues to rage around us. But with Alpha Company on the front lines, the citizens of the Republic can all rest peacefully. FIGHT AS ONE!

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Keep in mind that CoroNet 0001's primary objective is to provide the Jung Ma community with information about guilds who are demonstrating initiative in the field of providing the Jung Ma server with player driven, high quality, role playing experiences. While all guilds are encouraged to submit a request for a guild highlight, CoroNet 0001 reserves the right to feature guilds who, we feel, best exemplify this common interest.

Remember, be sure to check out our FAQ before submitting your requests to CoroNet 0001.

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**Catch us, in-game, on the "coronetwork" chat channel**  

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