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Tatooine, Jundland Wastes

Qora, a young female twi’lek, left the competition eating her dust this evening on the sands of Tatooine as fans cheered with thunderous applause. The three-time seasoned racer blazed over the finish line to the tune of a hundred-thousand credits as she placed first in this week’s race. Qora gave her fans quite a show — even after the race -- when she danced wildly at the finish line. Her joyful fans showered her in sparkles as the other swoop racers hung their heads in shame. Our top reporter, Stitch, managed to get an interview. Qora had this to say:

“What are you [fans] doing watching the vids? Come on down and watch me live!”

Festivities continued well into the night at the Dreviad Outpost Cantina.

Don’t miss the Jundland Swoop Race every Tuesday night at 21.00 EST.

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Nar Shaddaa, Lower Promenade


   The Outer Rim has been a hot spot for recent Republic and Empire activity as contestants from around the galaxy ready themselves for the Golden Hutt Dueling Tournament. Hosted by Guradda the Hutt and members of the Ministry of Hegemony who, according to local sources, are offering a substantial 150,000 credits to the tournament’s winner. Officials still question the source of the Hutt’s prize money due to the recent robberies of the Star Cluster and Vertigo Casinos.

   Of course, if you find yourself in need of testing your skills, be sure to head on down to the Lower Promenade of Nar Shaddaa, every Friday beginning at 22.00 EST.


Coruscant, The Old Galactic Market

Trooper Thesos Antechilles was interviewed last night at the Old Galactic Market's local Cantina. After much criticism of Thesos' loyalty last week, when information linking him to a high ranking Sith Lord emerged, Thesos Antechilles assured CoroNet 0001 that his loyalty to the Republic cannot be swayed.

After witnessing the devastation of Corellia, his home word, Thesos’ resolve has never been stronger. Subsequent to the fall of Antechilles Corporation, Thesos discovered the treachery of the very same Sith Lord known as Tyrone Antechilles, who is none other than his own father.

Refusing to succumb to despair and depression, Thesos Antechilles  enlisted in the Republic Military. He was quickly assigned to Alpha Company, the 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion.  Today Trooper Antechilles aids in the search for the monster who not only betrayed the Republic, but his very own son as well.

CoroNet 0001 wishes all our heroes in the armed forced good fortune in their duty to the Republic. We thank you for your dedication.

To join the good men and women of the 203rd Republic Expeditionary Legion, please ask to view “more info”.


Tython, Jedi Temple

Republic officials commemorate the return of Councilman Syo Bakarn to Republic space as Jedi Master Levlin Suncrusher is honored with his rescue. Citizens of the Republic breathe sighs of relief as the news continues to spread throughout the galaxy.

Meanwhile, citizens remain suspicious of the councilman’s disappearance. Many hold the Empire responsible for the kidnapping. Officials refuse to confirm or deny Imperial involvement in the affair. “The Councilman is home, and safe. That is all that matters.” commented a trooper during the homecoming.

New sources claim that Sith Lord Cruentus may have been behind the kidnapping. The Jedi council refuses to comment.


Coruscant, Senate District

Thesos Antechilles, serial number 65192-33439461, has been reported missing by next of kin, Zanni Antechilles (sister). Thesos was last spotted at the Nar Shaddaa Cantina, "Slippery Slope" at approximately 21.03 Galactic Standard Time , August 1st, 2012.

According to eyewitnesses, Thesos had left the cantina for a breath of fresh air, and he has not been heard from since. Rumor around the Republic is that Thesos was kidnapped by a strike team led by his father, Darth Tyrannius, though these reports are unconfirmed. Other speculations include that the Dark Council had targeted the trooper for his Jedi background (Thesos is currently in training to be a Jedi Shadow) and as such, are attempting to lure him to the Empire.

Finally, some rumors are that he simply "fell" off the promenade, which led to subtle laughter by some passing pedestrians. Some citizens, when asked about Thesos' disappearance, expressed sorrow at the loss of one of the Republic's finest medics, while others called it, "good riddance." Indeed, it would appear that despite his recent appearance on CoroNet news, the Republic is still very much divided on Thesos' fate. 

Zanni, Thesos' younger sister and member of the Green Jedi, could not be contacted for further questions. It is believed that she is tracking Thesos, and the Green Jedi humbly request that there should be no interference, as Corellia looks out for its own.

Alpha Company also could not be reached for comment. 

According to one insider, "Thesos and his chain of command, particularly his sergeant major and platoon lieutenant, have had many altercations as of late, most of which concern Thesos' parents, Lord Tyrannius and his wife/apprentice, Leilan. Both were responsible for the kidnapping of the sergeant major himself, to which Thesos still denies any knowledge about."

Finally, we have recently learnt that Thesos and his family have rebooted Antechilles Corporation. However, due to the tight state of Republic economics, the reboot proved to be a failure, and the Antechilles family is suffering greatly financially. Some speculate that these financial troubles and the verge of bankruptcy are linked to his disappearance.

More information will be provided as available.

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